Third Offense DWI or More

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Conviction of three or more DWI’s within 10 years may result in a driver being deemed a “Persistent Offender” and guilty of a Class D felony.  There will also be a 10 year loss of driving privileges.

  • JAIL:  Up to five (5) years in prison.
  • FINE: Up to $5,000.00, plus court costs.
  • PROBATION:  Missouri law prohibits a Suspended Execution of Sentence (SES) for a felony DWI.  The court may suspend execution of sentence after 10 days in jail or 60 days of community service.  The driver will then be placed on probation.  
  • REVOCATION OF DRIVER’S LICENSE:  Upon a third or subsequent criminal conviction for DWI, a driver’s license is revoked for 10 years regardless of how old the two prior convictions are.  These suspensions go on the person’s driving record.  If convicted of a felony DWI, no hardship license is available.  If the third DWI is not a felony, a hardship license may be applied for after 3 years.