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Failure To Yield Violation


                    It is no secret that everyone makes mistakes while driving.  If we don’t know what we’re doing wrong, we can’t fix the problem.   Failure to yield is one of the most common Missouri moving violations and is a more complicated violation than most of our clients realize.  For example, it’s not always just a failure to properly yield into traffic after pulling through a yield traffic sign.  

Some of the more common reasons drivers are pulled over for “failure to yield” violations can be found below:


  • To cars when turning left through an intersection: Drivers turning through an intersection must yield to a lot of different people – to drivers without yield or stop signs, to vehicles going straight through the intersection, and to cyclists, pedestrians, and cars already in the intersection.
  • To pedestrians in crosswalks: At intersections and crosswalks with flashing signals or stop signs, cars must yield to pedestrians. Missouri law states that cars must yield to pedestrians in the same half of the crosswalk, or if they are close enough to the driver’s half that they might be in danger.
  • When merging onto highways: It is important to remember that vehicles already on the highway have the right of way. There is no law stating that those vehicles must let you onto the highway. Make sure to also look for motorcycles when getting on the highway.
  • At a stop sign: Not coming to a complete stop is one of the most common tickets received regarding a stop sign. But did you also know that at four-way stops, drivers to your right have the right of way?
  • After a car has been at an intersection longer than them: At almost any time when there are vehicles already at the intersection or crossing, they should have the right of way.  This can be tricky when the driver with the right of way doesn’t move until after you do.  

These situations can be extremely dangerous and lead to accidents because usually one of the drivers is not expecting a car to be coming toward them (or is not paying attention). After being involved in a failure-to-yield type accident, it is a good idea to call a police officer so that your insurance company can use their written report later.  You’ll also want to hire a traffic lawyer near me to help you get the ticket amended to a non-moving violation.

Often times a failure to yield situation can be complex and hard to figure out. It is easy for one of the parties to be blamed, although the other party could also be liable for some damages. It’s important not to admit guilt for the accident or cave under the pressure of the other party’s insurance, especially when you aren’t sure.

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