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Speeding Tickets in Missouri…


          A basic speeding ticket in Missouri is relatively easy for an experienced attorney to handle.   At Traffic Ticket Center, we keep our fees low because a basic speeding ticket in Missouri is a routine  procedure that we complete every day at our law office.

Unfortunately, too many people do not contact a traffic ticket attorney St. Peters to handle their ticket.  Instead, they pay the fine that is listed on the back of the ticket to be done with it.

However, this can be a costly decision.  


We have several people call to inquire about Missouri speeding tickets each day and after we explain the process and state our fee  for our firm to resolve the ticket.  We explain that the court will also assess a fine to be paid, which is set by the prosecutor.

Once the potential client hears this, they may take another look at the back of the ticket where it states they can pay the $100 fine now.  At this point we try our best to relay the consequences of paying the $100 fine to court as opposed to hiring us.  


When you simply pay the fine listed on the back of your citation, the court accepts this as an admission of guilt or admission to the fact that you were speeding.  Once it is recorded that you plead guilty to the charge, the court will pass the information along to Jefferson City where the state will assess points to your permanent driving record.  Too many points and you can have your license suspended.  

The number of points assessed will vary depending on the severity of the ticket.  Here is a link to the various types of violations and the points they carry:  https://dor.mo.gov/forms/899.pdf

Missouri Speeding Ticket


Points assessed on your driving record also leads to higher rates for car insurance.  The increase in insurance rates is because the insurance company will use the points assessed on your driving record as proof that you disregard traffic laws and are therefore a higher risk to end up in a car accident. 

Since the insurance company would have to pay out on your accident, they can use the points as an excuse to increase your rates to compensate for the added risk.  Also, insurance companies will search for any excuse to increase your rates.  It’s good business for them and tough luck for you.

It’s important to understand too that in recent years, you may have noticed that your insurance rates are increasing every year anyway, no matter how good of a driver you are.

Why is that?  Because of the increase in serious accidents involving texting and driving and distracted driving.  Therefore, it’s more important than ever to minimize already expensive insurance rates by avoiding taking points on your license.


A major advantage of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer St. Peters to handle your ticket is that in most cases, you’ll never need to attend court.  That saves you from having to take off work for a morning or afternoon court appearance, or having to waste an evening wasting for hours with everyone else.  If your time is valuable to you, hiring us will save you that valuable time.


When you hire an experienced attorney to handle the ticket, they will work with the local prosecuting attorney to get the ticket reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation.  A non-moving violation does not result in points on your record and therefor will not lead to an increase in insurance rates.  

Traffic Ticket Center has resolved hundreds of tickets for clients over the years and our goal is to keep your record clean and your insurance rates down.

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