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There are specific steps you must take in order to reinstate your driver’s license in Missouri after it has been revoked, denied or suspended. 


The first step is to determine the reason(s) why your driver’s license was 

taken away. This information can be found on your current Missouri driving 

record under “Department Actions” or on the letter sent to you from the 

Driver License Bureau at the time your driving privilege was taken.


The second step is to determine the forms required and the fees you will need to pay.  If there are multiple reasons listed for why your driving privilege was taken away, you must file all the appropriate forms for each reason and pay the fee associated with each. The required forms and fees can be found using the chart found on the Missouri Department of Revenue website (


You may also be required to take specific action in order to reinstate your driving privilege, such as taking a Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP), retaking the driving skills and knowledge test, or installing an ignition interlock device. Information about these requirements can be found on the DMV website (  If your record indicates that you have not met the required time frame of your suspension, there may still be options available to you. 

If your driving privilege was taken away for a year or more because of multiple alcohol offenses (DWI), you might be able to petition to have your driving privilege reinstated early.  A partial reinstatement may be granted in some special cases to allow driving for specific purposes, such as school or work.  The decision for early reinstatement is based on your prior offenses, current conviction and good behavior.  

After filing a petition in the county where the conviction was received, the court 

will review the case.  


Having an experienced traffic ticket lawyer near me on your side can dramatically 

increase your chances of success by helping to prove that you are displaying good 

behavior and have a high need to have your driving privilege reinstated.  

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