The last time you got a speeding ticket, a friend probably said avoid points and hire a traffic lawyer St. Peters.  If you didn’t, you may have noticed a few months later that your insurance rates went up.

Why would that happen?

Well, points affect drivers in two ways.  First, moving violations such as speeding and careless driving St. Peters carry points if you plead guilty.  Acquire too many points and your license can be suspended.  But second, acquiring appoints also affects your insurance rates, because insurance companies have access to your driving records.  Someone who has plead guilty to speeding is (arguably) a riskier driver to insure.  When that driver’s rates are eventually re-calculated, they’ll go up if there is a points conviction.

Take a look at just how much your insurance can be raised for certain violations, according to insurance.com :

  • reckless driving — 73 percent
  • speeding — 20 percent
  • illegal turn — 20 percent
  • DUI — 79 percent
  • failure to stop — 19 percent
  • at-fault bodily injury accident — 32 percent
  • at-fault property damage accident — 29 percent

Imagine your insurance is $1,200 per year.  That’s $120 per month.  But an increase of 73% means your insurance would cost $2,076 per year, or $173 per month.  Ouch!

So what’s the solution?  Hire a traffic lawyer St. Peters.  A traffic lawyer can usually get the violations carrying points amended to violations that do not carry points.  You’ll still have to pay a fine, but you won’t take the points and therefore you won’t have your insurance rates skyrocket.

The other benefit is that in most cases, you won’t even have to appear in court.  That will save time and remember, often municipal court dockets are at night.  Who wants to go to court at night?

Often we get calls from clients who have been received a speeding ticket St. Peters in which they were 30 miles per hour or higher over the speed limit.  Depending on which court has that ticket, our office can usually work with prosecutors to save points.  Often a driver will have to complete a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) in addition to paying a fine.  Missouri’s DIP is an online course that assists driver’s to improve their defensive driving skills while reviewing traffic laws.

It should be pointed out that the St. Louis Metropolitan Area is very unique in terms of allowing drivers to plead to amended charges for things like speeding, in exchange for a fine.  In more rural parts of the state it can much more difficult to achieve an amended traffic ticket without points.  Again, always call a traffic lawyer to see how they can help.


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