Dealing With Traffic Tickets

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Dealing With Traffic Tickets

Dealing With Traffic Tickets

Getting a traffic ticket, in the grand scheme of life, is not a huge deal.  But you should definitely take action to protect your interests when you get a ticket, and the best action to take is to hire a lawyer to resolve the ticket for you.  

Moving violations carry what are known as points.  The number of points vary depending on the violation.  A speeding ticket, the most common ticket we see, is ordinarily a 2 point ticket.  Driving without insurance is a 4 point ticket and driving on a suspended license will result in 12 points.  

Getting points has two effects.  First, it can cause your license to be suspended.  If you accumulate 4 points or more in 12 months, the Missouri Department of Revenue will send you a warning letter stating that you are in danger of losing your driving privileges.  If you accumulate 8 points or more in 18 months, your driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days. If you accumulate 12 points or more in 12 months, 18 points or more in 24 months, or 24 points or more in 36 months, your Missouri driver’s license will be revoked for 1 year.

The second effect of points is that it can dramatically raise your cost of insurance.  When you incur points on your driver record, these points get recorded with the Department of Revenue.  Your insurance company will eventually check with the Department of Revenue and find the points and deem you to be a riskier driver to insure.  The result is higher premiums for experienced drivers and much, much higher premiums for young drivers.  

By hiring an attorney, you can ordinarily have your traffic ticket amended to a non-moving violation, which carry no points and will not raise your insurance.  

There are other benefits to hiring an attorney.  First, you don’t have to worry about showing up to court.  The attorney will handle the ticket and you’ve just saved yourself time and effort to get to a court date, or maybe multiple court dates.  Second, you no longer have to worry about the ticket because you’ve hired an attorney to handle it.  Peace of mind is important and you get that when you hire an attorney to handle the ticket for you.

Traffic Ticket Center handles all types of traffic ticket matters, as well as more serious charges such as Driving While Suspended and DWI.  We make everything as easy as possible for clients.  In many cases, we can take all the information about the ticket and payment over the telephone, saving you even more time and headaches.